About us

Horst Bachmann

Horst, pilot of a small 2-seater Rans aircraft and Managing Director of African View and Wilkinson Tours, has been travelling around Africa since 20 years. Formally a safari and mountain guide, Horst and his wife Debbie (from Zimbabwe) decided to settle with their family ten years ago on the foothills of Kilimanjaro and then, in 2006, Mt Meru. Their first project was taking over Meru View Lodge in 2006, the first lodge of African View Ltd. Other properties have followed since: Bahari View Lodge (south-east coast of Zanzibar) and Serengeti View Camp (mobile tented camp in the Serengeti) as well as African View Lodge near Arusha NP. Currently African View is building Tarangire View Camp which will be located along a beautiful seasonal river inside Tarangire National Park, operating from July 2018. African View Lodge is are an ideal starting point for mountain tours as well as for safaris into the famous National Parks of Tanzania. Horst’s favourite destination in Tanzania: a fly-in safari via Ol Donyo Lengai to Serengeti National Park (preferably with his own plane!).

Deborah Bachmann (nee Wilkinson)

Our director and (English and German-speaking) mountain guide held the speed record for women on Kilimanjaro for over 4 years and has ascended 38 times! Debbie and her experienced mountain team are here to support you in your goal to reach the peak, whether it is Kilimanjaro, Mt Meru, Mt Kenya or Ol Donyo Lengai, she is happy to share her experience and knowledge with you. Debbie is a 'true' African with roots in Zimbabwe (her grandparents moved to Kenya and South Africa after WWII in the 1950's).
She has studied 'International Travel & Tourism' in Cape Town and worked in Southern and Eastern Africa extensively as a tour guide. As well as taking care of certain responsibilities within the company, she also has her two daughters, Maria and Anna, who keep her active.
Her personal recommendation: Mt Meru and Tarangire National Park.

Neema Temba

Neema is from Moshi, Kilimanjaro Region. She studied 'Cultural Anthropology & Tourism Management' in Iringa. In May 2009 she started working as a receptionist at Meru View Lodge and, in March 2010, she was promoted to Head of Reservations Department. Currently, she is the Manager of African View Lodge and responsible for the reservations for all properties of African View. She is answering all your questions about our lodges.
In her free time she enjoys traveling, playing with children, listening to music and reading books, newspapers and magazines. Her favorite place in Tanzania is the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, “a unique protected area in Africa where conservation of natural resources is integrated with human development“.

Daniel Kipeen Sapuro

In July 2013 we opened up Serengeti View Camp, a mobile tented camp in the Serengeti. Daniel, a Maasai, born and raised in the Ngorongoro Highlands, has been with us since the very beginning – as waiter, housekeeper, assistant cook and, most importantly, taking care of our clients.
Now he is our trusted camp organizer and ‘man for everything’! He loves wildlife and enjoys his job in the bush as the location of Serengeti View Camp brings him even closer to nature enabling him to see and experience everything first hand. His favourite animals are the majestic giraffe (he loves the way they walk!) and the Crowned Crane.
Daniels winning smile is always welcoming to see on arrival in our camp.

Ernest Dawson

Ernest has been working for over a decade in tented camps around Tanzania. His most challenging job was running a camp on the shores of Lake Tanganyika, not far from Tanzania’s chimpanzees.
We are delighted to have found such an experienced manager for our Tarangire View Camp, which opened in 2018.
Ernest knows almost every bird and mammal in the national park. He is a professional host and can relate many
stories about his life experience in Tanzania’s wilderness.

Kevin Temu

Kevin is our African View accountant and, like Neema, he's become part of our family! He was born in the Kilimanjaro Region and is a member of the Chagga tribe. After finishing his schooling he moved to Tanzania‘s largest city, Dar es Saalam, to study 'Business Administration' where he specialised in Accountancy. Since 2009, he is Head of Accounts for African View and answers all emails pertaining to this subject on the company’s behalf.
His hobbies are swimming, football, reading books and newspapers, watching the news, gardening and discussing different subjects with friends.


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